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Made in India for India

The word “BAJAT”

Bajat represents a literal translation of the English word BUDGET, in Hindi.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected buyers and sellers alike.

Buyers are cautious about spending and Sellers face increasing inventories.

Everyone wants to take care of their BAJAT.

At Bajat Store, we wish to save for everyone. We are an affiliate store. We just categorize products for you. All the transactions take place on the secure platform of Amazon India and other E-commerce websites.

You will find products priced at Rs. 500 and below.

We are an affiliate store and we are continuously working to display you only those products that fit your Bajat (Budget).

All the categories are linked to Bajat (Budget) beneficial products.

We are working so that you do not have to explore various categories on the e-commerce websites for products that fit your Bajat (Budget).

We also aim to present you with something unique.

Unique products that will surely spice up your life. All that under Rs. 500.

All these unique products are under Rs. 500 and carry an average rating of 4 stars and above.

We are a platform Made in India.

20% of our affiliate revenue will go towards helping the COVID-19 reliefs in the country.

Appeal – If you are shopping, why not shop through us and help us in helping everyone.

Lets build the nation together.

Ab sab Budget mein hai